Cheri Haines, ABT
The Essence of Qi


Happy Crystal Story


Hi Cheri,


I thought you might want to see these pictures. This is my cat Arwen about 30 minutes after having a stroke last night. She was unable to walk with  paralyzed back legs and her condition was grave. David immediately started acupuncture and moxa for yang collapse. He gave her a little prednisone and then we placed her by the fireplace to warm up. Trudy suggested I try the crystals. I placed a few around her and used the quartz points on her back feet battery style.

Despite her critical condition, she immediately adjusted the green crystal to her upper chest.


About 30 minutes later (second picture) she was alert and trying to get up. We really think the crystals played a role in her rapid recovery. This morning she was hobbling around, eating, and using the litter box! I am happy I was able to contribute to her emergency care using the techniques I learned in your workshop.


Hope you are well and staying warm this winter.  I would love to make it back to Madison for another class sometime.


Take care,


Hello Cheri.  I want to share a story from my day today with you, because I believe last night's session made it possible.


I slept well last night and woke feeling more rested than I have in a long time.  We were due to have a late breakfast with Eric's kids, so I did a few chores around the house, then put my coat on to go outside to fill the birdfeeders and birdbath.  (We have a heated birdbath, because water is so important for the birds especially in winter.)


I filled the feeders, then carried the water pitcher over to the birdbath.  The air was clear and cold, and the sun was so, so bright.  I was thinking about your words during our session, about breathing in new, clean energy and btreathing out negativity, as I began slowly pouring the water into the basin.


A little female finch landed on the lip of the basin as the water spilled in.  Then another.  A third landed on my sleeve.  I stood absolutely still, tipping the water in. The one on my sleeve joined the other two and they began to drink.  A male goldfinch arrived, startling two of the females.  Then a male house finch came, and they drank their fill.  Their tiny, delicate beaks quivered as they scooped up the water and tipped it down their throats, the keratin so thin that the sun shone through it.  I kept trickling the water down, barely breathing, and felt an infinitesimal scritch on the top of my head, on the hood of my coat - then another as the chickdee that had landed there flew down to the water.  (I love chickadees best of all.)  A second chickadee came, and gave me a knowing look before sipping the water. The pitcher was empty but I remained  unmoving while small birds came and went for another minute or so.  When there were no birds on the basin I slowly moved away, then went inside the house.


I've felt wonderful, and blessed (in a nonChristian way) all day.  I think the stillness that I found during our session made the interaction with the birds possible.


I think everything is going to be okay.