Cheri Haines, ABT
The Essence of Qi

Living in Harmony with the Seasons : Indian Summer or the In-Between Seasons

Really in- between or change of seasons

           summer in fall or Indian Summer

           fall in winter

           winter in spring

           spring in summer

This is where the energy or season is unusual. We are trying to find balance or some kind of homeostasis.

My calendula in mid November 2016!

These times of balance are associated with the Earth Element in 5 Element Theory and is associated with the Organs in the center of our body; Stomach, Spleen & Pancreas - just like the Earth Element is at the center of all the other Elements.

These are also the organs that have a major responsibility in digestion and nourishing us. Starting at the mouth/lips where we take in food and begin the transformation of breaking food down with saliva, the Earth Element wants us to be thoughtful of the ways to transform these times into nurturing experiences.

(Italics are associations of Earth Element)

Some suggestion toward self care during times of change……

    Qi Gong : Looking Backwards

                    Walking Qi Gong

                    Gently stretching your muscles.

         Any other grounding or centering activities

    Eating sweet foods that are yellow or orange;

         like carrots, pumpkin, squash,yams.

         Ginger, fennel and cinnamon are good spices.

   Licorice Rt. or chamomile tea.

   Massage or tap your stomach or the au point


  Yi or thoughts are the spiritual aspect of Spleen/

          Earth, so try meditating to calm your mind.