Cheri Haines, ABT
The Essence of Qi

Living in Harmony with the Seasons : FALL

Fall is harvest time, when yang is changing toward yin. At this time, we use our energies to assess what we’ve grown this year, take in what we need to sustain us (yang) and let the rest go (yin). I like to the word poignant to describe this time of year. The dictionary has various uses for the word poignant; painful, appealing, skillful, sharp, pointed or to the point. I like poignant because fall is appealing and beautiful, yet painful and sometimes sad to know it won’t last long. It can help us to be skillful and to the point about our needs and what will sustains through winter before the sharp winds come.

In Chinese Acu Theory, Fall has some associations with the Metal Element, Lungs, skin, nose, mucus and breath. The Lungs  and it’s action of respiration and breathing is very much like the process of Fall. Taking in a breath and letting the breath go, inhaling and exhaling, letting life in and letting it go. The spirit or breath/soul of the Lungs is called the Po and is sometime said to help with our life lessons - learning them and letting them go

Take care during the change of seasons this fall by walking, conscious breathing and meditation.


The Lungs are associated with the skin, so dry brushing the skin can be a wonderful means of self care in the fall.


Qi Gong : Opening the Bow

The taste and color associated with Lungs are pungent and white, like garlic, ginger, turnip, leeks, horseradish and white peppercorns.

That will clear the nose and sinuses which open to the Lungs!


Try these points….for sinuses and Lungs.

Enjoy the changes!